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Medly Supper Club table setting with Reform Botanicals CBD Mocktails

Medly Supper Club x Friends in High Places


Community building through cannabis has always been a dream.

Last weekend, we shared a beautiful micro-infused meal 🍃 with women, BIPOC, and queer folk hosted by @medly.ny @medly.supperclub . The Friends in High Places community is a space for the modern cannabis consumer 🫶🏻. 

Thank you @medly.ny @medly.supperclub for letting @reformbotanicals be a part of this magical evening.

We served two CBD infused mocktails that you can easily create at home!

Paloma Breeze is a sparkling grapefruit juice infused with thyme & honey, topped off with Topo Chico and our Anxiety Relief CBD 🌱.

Ginger Turmeric Tonic is a ginger turmeric tea blend with cinnamon, clove and rose petals, mixed with Topo Chico and our Chronic Pain Relief CBD 🌱.

Special thank you to @geremyalexander for curating and creating these beautiful drinks last night.

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