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Angelina Fiorini Yoga Partnership with Reform Botanicals. Angie Fiorini and Sarah Choh on a yoga mat.

Yoga residency: Introducing Angelina Fiorini and Reform Botanicals CBD yoga partnership!

The goal has always been to reimagine wellness— to move it from a self-focused journey to a collaborative one. And a true wellness community can only be achieved through inclusive collaboration that embraces empathy, resource-sharing, and a passion for culture.

@reformbotanicals is so honored to share @angeleelee ’s story, her safe space, and her mission to bring healing to everyone. From now until February, we'll be sponsoring every yoga class— an immersive yoga experience that has live music from @chriszabriskie , deep breathing, CBD, and post-flow time to connect with others. You can sign up for classes online at

We invite people to join us and creatively envision a world that makes the time and space for people's mental health needs.
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