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A Letter from Reform Botanicals

A Letter from Reform Botanicals: A CBD Wellness Community


Dear Community,

Whether we’re uncorking a bottle of wine and cooking with our friends, cycling through the park, or reading before bed, each of us has a feeling of joy that comes from living life at our own pace.  

While living in a city can offer seemingly endless activities, oftentimes it can feel overwhelming, pushing us to follow or be left behind. Having control over the tempo at which our lives move allows us to experience every moment in the way we enjoy most.

In the past few years, many of us have had to adjust to new surroundings; most significantly, working at home. Intentionality in our surroundings became paramount. Our attention shifted to a slower, and at times isolated way of life. But as our communities have navigated the pandemic and moved forward, rediscovering balance is not always easy.

Our goal is to offer people the tools to enhance their favorite moments, feel balanced, and self-actualize their ideal lifestyles. We believe in sharing this feeling through our blend of intentional plant medicines, along with education that maintains integrity and can act as a source of truth.


Reform Botanicals

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