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Reform Botanicals CBD Hemp Flower Packaging

A note from our founder, Sarah Choh


Hey, it's Sarah here! Last week we launched Field Day: A Flower Shop and I couldn't be more excited.

Smoking CBD has helped me reimagine my relationship with cannabis. By discovering different types of CBD hemp flower, beyond THC, I’ve introduced a balanced routine into my life.

Whether I’m combating dull migraines (or hangxiety😅), I’ve found relief in being able to smoke a product that enables productivity throughout my week. Lately, I’ve enjoyed mixing GREEN GODDESS with a lil THC to make the perfect joint that works for me.

I still can’t believe she’s finally here!! Whether you’re an avid weed enthusiast or a first-time consumer, GREEN GODDESS provides a functional and relaxed experience, perfect for both daytime and nighttime use. She smokes smooth and cool 😮‍💨 try a pre-roll and let me know what you think!

Shop Field Day No. 1 — GREEN GODDESS 🌿🫶🏻

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