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Reform Botanicals CBD infused farmers market fruit salad

CBD SUMMER RECIPE SERIES— CBD infused farmers market fruit salad


Feast on summer’s bounty with @reformbotanicals Calm full-spectrum CBD oil tincture! The citrus notes from the CBD complement the beauty of our fresh market summer fruits – from berries & melons to stone fruit.



Dish curated by @chili.cheeks

🎥: @potatoislike

Summer Market Fruits Recipe

1 ml / 50mg of Reform Botanicals - Calm CBD Tincture
Korean Chameh melon
Market fruits: berries & stone fruit 
Lemon Basil
Anise Hyssop
1. Wash fruits and herbs.
2. Peel, de-seed, and cut melon lengthwise to get nice sharp wedges. Mirror the cuts on stone fruit and use berries to fill in gaps under melon
3. Once plated, season with lemon zest and juice. Drizzle 1 ml Reform Botanical - Calm over the fruits.
4.  Place herbs on fruits
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