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INTRODUCING: Cannabis-infused Gummies

INTRODUCING: Cannabis-infused Gummies

I am beyond excited to introduce you to GUMMIES by Reform Botanicals❣ This is an edible designed for those who’ve had bad cannabis experiences or are scared of potential side effects.

As I struggle with depression and anxiety, cannabis, particularly CBD and CBG, is my daily relief for my mental and physical well-being. Many edibles I’ve consumed have failed to provide a pleasant experience— from a terrible bitter aftertaste to leaving me hungover the next day.

This is why we launched GUMMIES by Reform Botanicals 🌸 A perfectly balanced not-too-sweet and chewy delight without the bitter cannabis aftertaste or unwanted side effects. Vegan, organic, and handcrafted in small batches.

Our gummies were community-made by friends and family– product discovery involved sample testing with over 100 individuals ages 21-65 and 8 formula iterations in a 14-month time span. A true labor of love.

Available now online, our gummies come in 3 mood states and flavors:
🫐🌺 Calm - Blueberry Hibiscus (25mg CBD, 1.5mg THC)
🍋🫚 Relief - Yuzu Ginger (25mg CBD, 5mg CBG, 1.5mg THC)
🍊💗 Sleep - Grapefruit Lychee (25mg CBD, 25mg CBG, 1.5mg THC)

Our formula has a high CBD & CBG to low THC ratio with an accurate and precise dose per gummy. For most, it takes one to take the edge off and two to create a mild high.

Available now on our website, we can't wait for you to enjoy our cannabis-infused gummies to help enhance your favorite moments, find balance, and inspire easy living. Learn more about our cannabinoid content in our FAQ section here.
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