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What is Cannabis? A (very) brief history of cannabis and the communities who brought her to life


Our beloved mother herb - she goes by many names. Learn all about her and the communities who brought it to life. Comment below any surprising facts you’ve learned 🌿

Cannabis sativa is a dioecious species that produces both male and female organisms. It's an annual, meaning they complete their entire life cycle in less than one year.

Only female cannabis sativas produce THC and other medicinal cannabinoids. This is why we refer to the plant as "she" or use female pronouns when talking about cannabis (or marijuana, pot, the list goes on).

The cannabis sativa crop dates back centuries, roughly 10,000 years, when she was discovered and cultivated by mostly communities of color. As early as BCE 6000, there's archeological evidence of cannabis being used as a food source.

The first recorded mention of medical marijuana is in China BCE 2727. Later, there's documentation of cannabis as a healing plant in India, the Middle East, and Arabia before hemp spreads throughout Europe for textile use.

Cannabis has long been reliable for various communities and medical professionals alike, helping generations of people cope with ailments such as chronic pain and anxiety. 

Although we have a simple love for our mother herb, her history is complex, oppressed, and misinformed. Our goal is to destigmatize this plant, which has had an impact on our laws, societies, health, and mindsets.



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